Osaka – a relaxed business center

Just 35km or 30min train drive from Kyoto (with Shinkanzen, the super express train, it takes 15min) and we are in Osaka, a city of 2.7 million people and metropolin of more than 20 million people. Initially the plan was to stay in Osaka for two nights and then continue to Mijayama (an island near Hiroshima) and aafter two nights in Mijayama to stay for two nights in Hiroshima. But we both caught cold and our Kyoto hotel was so noisy – in a junction of two main roads – that we couldn’t heal properly. However when we got to Osaka we discovered that our hotel (Mitsui Gardens Osaka Premier hotel) is located on a very central – but quiet – place, on the island of Nakanoshima, a small Island between the Dōjima River and the Tosabori River, just 20min walk from the Osaka train station. Behind the hotel are the Osaka science museum and the Osaka nafional museum of art which was closed during our stay since they were changing exhibitions.

The Osaka national museum of art

the art museum in between the building, from our hotel room


(to be continued soon)

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