How AI will kill dating services

One of the most popular services online, from the beginning of the internet, has been dating services. I recall that already in the late 1990s, when the internet had a low reach of just 20% (i.e., only 20% of households had an internet connection), one of the most popular services at the time was dating. The reason is that online dating solves two major problems. First, it allows people not to fully expose themselves—things like address, full identity, etc. And secondly, it allows people to filter their potential dates before they actually meet them face to face.

I’m not writing this article as an advocate of online dating—online dating has lots of issues which are known to the industry—but the purpose of this article is not to look at the issues. Instead, I suggest that AI will take over very fast. The reason is that the relevant data is already there; we just need to tailor it, and we get the most precise and useful dating service ever: the next level of social media.

So yes, all that we like, our friends, history, food habits, medical conditions—basically our entire life—is known to social media algorithms. Today, this data is used for advertising, i.e., to sell our data to organizations that want to sell us things. All this power could be directed to connect people, but connect them in the best way possible.

Imagine a button on Facebook—”find me new friends” or “I’m looking for a date”—or on LinkedIn—”find me the best co-founder.” These ideas are no longer mere imagination, as we have seen with GPT, a very good presentation of the power of AI. All we need is to develop the right model and use the data which is already out there.

The potential of AI in the dating industry extends far beyond just making matches. It can analyze behaviour patterns, preferences, and even psychological compatibility with a precision that humans cannot achieve on their own. AI can help detect red flags or signs of compatibility that might be missed in the early stages of a relationship. This ensures that the connections made are not only based on superficial traits but also on deeper, more meaningful criteria.

Moreover, integrating AI into dating services can significantly reduce the time and effort required to find a compatible partner. By continuously learning from user interactions and feedback, AI systems can refine their matching algorithms, making the process more efficient and tailored to individual needs. This not only enhances user experience but also increases the chances of finding long-term, fulfilling relationships.



Eran Ben-Shahar is a Sydney based experienced IT/AI Startups CTO, Solution Architect and Team Leaders. Except several successful businesses I served 7 years for NEw Zealand Transport Agency as a senior enterprise application specialists and 2 years at New Zealand Parliament as a senior Business Analyst. I currently look for an interesting hybrid role. 


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