Murphy law is hitting again, this time – I almost got “locked out” instead of “locked-down”

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I went today to collect an online shopping order (I want to thank the New World team for accepting our online order), and while waiting for the goods I got a text from my daughter telling me, that if I don’t hurry up, I won’t be able to get back home due to floods. Indeed the main road was flooded and our driveway, which is crossing through a flood area, looked like a mess. I once broke my car trying to pass this creek, so I was very nervous it would happen again – you don’t want to be left without a car during the lock-down period! This is how it looked (excuse me for the bad videos, I was busy controlling the car so I won’t get drifted, it is a small Toyota yaris) – first the main road:


And then our driveway:

This is our driveway, after I passed it


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