Fundamental problems with evolution theory

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There are many problems with Evolution Theory which may make it a non valid scientific theory, I will describe three fundamental ones but there are many others. My comment should not be understood as underestimating the geniousity of Charles Darwin or the importance of the work by Dawkins (even that I think the latter is wrong with most of what he is claiming):

1. A good scientific theory is a theory that potentially can be dis-proven (“The Structure of Scientific Revolutions”, Thomas Kuhn). For instance, Einstein’s special theory of relativity is a good theory because if someone found that an object can travel beyond the speed of light, this is dis-proving his theory – what makes Einstein’s theory a good theory as long as false evidences were not found. Evolution Theory is not showing any way to disprove itself: if a life form is found and does not fit the “tree of evolution” then the tree of evolution is altered to fit with that finding.

2. A good scientific theory is a theory which can give forecasts based on the current knowledge and evidences. For instance, Einstein theory is good theory since it can tell us how the universe or a star would behave in the future*. Evolution theory is not capable of giving any forecasts to the future, from all valid future options *the one which happened are the ones selected as evidences. This is sort of like shooting an arrow and then marking the target around the place it hit.

3. Last but not least: evolution theory (ET) is not universal, meaning – it is valid on Earth and on Earth only, mainly because it is based on experimental findings found on Earth and not on any theoretical fundamental principals. There is nothing which tells us that evolution theory is valid on Mars, for instance: if we find there forms of life which don’t compete or evolve as survival of the fitness, it will make evolution theory to look ridiculous (it would place Earth as “planet bastards” while other planets are “planet goods” of life forms which strive by collaboration and not by competition). In fact, evolution theory is no longer valid on Earth either – we have turned Earth from the planet of “natural selection” to a planet of “human selection”.

In general, I think it is noticeable that both Darwin and Dawkins received a religious education as they made evolution theory into a sort of a religious theory. However, science is not trying to compete with religion like Dawkins is portraying in his books: Even if evolution theory is a good theory and even if is a true theory, it still does not try to explain “God”, one could always ask: if evolution theory is true, then who/what invented it / made the universe work by it?

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