TagPredict is an interesting web-app which consists of several layers of web services, I will try here to outline a more professional review of this app, when I say “more professional” I mean that I will try to focus on the business analysis and .com / startup approach rather than to just describe the functionality. But functionality is first to everything:

What is TagPredict?

TagPredict is based on search crawler which crawls and indexes social media websites and other websites. Unlike Google Search, it is focusing on social media trends by analyzing hashtags and other social media meta data. Another difference to Google is that instead of actively searching for trends, users get those trends data injected to their browser as they browse the internet. The presentation layer of the social media trends is done with a Chrome Extension which presents the data in two modes:

  • When you mouse over a hashtags, you get a popup window with information on that trend. This is how it looks:


  • Clicking the extension button gives the overall performance of hashtags trends on the site you are on:

The extension is providing other services like hashtags scraping, various settings, automatic pilot for scraping, analysis of the top 40 trends (and top 100 global trends) and focus on social media accounts (“followers”) defined by @account tags rather than focusing on hashtags.

Scraping is an interesting functionality since it lets users copy the most succesful hashtags of the moment into their own posts, and therefore “win” the SMM/SMO competition:


Advanced Features

Based on search crawlers, TagPredict has additional features for advanced / business users only. This is where it is starting to be very interesting. Advanced users have access to a backoffice database with very useful data analysis functionalities: full hashtags open search, hashtags analytics and forecasts. You may think that those features are covered by Twitter / Instagram / Facebook search, but if understand the limitations of social media, you get that TagPredict actually solving a huge and generic social media problem: hashtags, and social media trends, are site specific, TagPredict on the other hand, is a cross platform service: when you use a hashtag on Instagram, it links to Instagram and to Instagram only. When you use a hashtag on Facebook, it links to Facebook posts, and to Facebook only. Same for Analytics: when you view hashtags analytics on Twitter, you see the trends on Twitter only. When you view hashtags trends on Instagram, you get the trends on Instagram only. TagPredict analytics on the other hand are surveying all social media sites, and all websites. TagPredict is consolidating all social media trends into one platform. Now this is big, it just may take sometime to understand how big the implication of this technology!  It looks like that, and I will analyze the business plan below:


Business analyzis

Lets analyze the potential of this venture, I’m trying to follow my own checklist of examining a .com idea:

  1. Uniqueness
  2. Large potential target audience
  3. Targeting a niche
  4. Adding value / solving a problem
  5. Not too revolutionary
  6. Multiple income streams
  7. Simple to use
  8. Simple to understand
  9. Potential to grow to new zones
  10. Ability to adjust fast
  11. Short Competition
  12. Big players field