Tokyo is not so expensive as people say

So we arrived to Tokyo and after 24 hours here and you already noticed that some things are different to what you have been told. The main surprise is that Tokyo is not so expensive as people say, we did a bit of research before getting to here, and most of the Internet travelers, as well as some friends, claimed that Tokyo is expensive. But we found it relatively OK and fair, especially in comparison to New Zealand, not to mention that the quality of good and services is 10 times better than as back at home: the food, the public transport, the quality of services, and other things. The only exception is accommodation which is very expensive but what could you expect from such a crowded Island – same area like New Zealand but housing 130 million people and so many big industries…. Here are some details for comparison:


Airport shuttle from Narita  airport to Ginza area – about an hour drive – $37 per person – that is less than what you would pay for a shuttle between Wellington airport and our home, 30KM Distance

A meal for two in an (amazingly good) Japanese restaurant, we had huge plates served with a great smile and a bill totaled of $24…. such good food I never managed to get anywhere across New Zealand

Taxi for two from Tokyo Central Station to our hotel, 10min drive, we paid 1,000 yen which converted by visa to $12

Five cool 3d models I bought at the East Garden science museum – airplane model, Columbia shuttle model and three others – for 5,832Yen ($75NZ  which is about $15 each (would cost in NZ between $20 to $40 each)

Another meal, this time with additional excitements like two traditional teas, two amazingly tasty curries and traditional Japanese desert, ended up with a bill of…. $52

Tokyo restaurants prices are all surprisingly low to the high quality

Two liters mount Fiji mineral water 93yen ($1.20), 500ml bottle for 100yens ($1.30)

Metro tickets from Ginza area to Ueno park, about 10 metro stops / 7km / 15min by car

Cafe late  380yens ($4.90)

To summarize, after only a day here I could see that not everything is so expensive in Tokyo as some people and book guides claim.

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