Tokyo is such an amazing city!

We landed in Tokyo after a long trip from Wellington and a series of events which made the planned 12 hours trip last for more than 2 days. The extreme weather conditions that hit New Zealand a couple of days ago has caused Air New Zealand to delay our flight from Wellington to Auckland, what caused us to miss our Auckland to Tokyo flight. Our morning was already bad since our place was flooded. The taxi couldn’t reach our house, I had to load our luggage on our car and drive it through the stream. But when we arrived to the airport we discovered that all this effort was for vein. We waited 12 hours to our Auckland flight, during those 12 hours I had to rush home and prepare myself a stock of gluten free food for the flights, this is because Air New Zealand said that they were able to change the flights but can’t provide gluten free food in such a short notice (it was ordered for our original flights since gluten could cause me severe illness) but when we got on the airplane we found out that an American guy that also missed his flight has been promised with my seat. What a mess! Lucy us the overbooking didn’t end up like the United Airlines case…. The flight attendant looked very nervous when he understood that two men won’t fit in one seat…. anyway after they sorted it out and after getting to Auckland we have been redirected then to fly to Singapore and from Singapore to Tokyo, and here we are in this endless city of miles and miles of sky scrapers and Sakura trees.

The Japanease people are so lovely that after spending 6 hours here and we are already in love with the place! The first thing you would notice when you land in Japan is how quiet the place is: there were lots of people in the airport terminal and on the street, but everyone were so quiet that I had to stop and look around to make sure that they are living human beings and not mute!  And I thought that New Zealand is a quiet place  (especially in comparison to The mediterenian,  where I was born) but no, a city of 12 millions people and still very relaxed and quiet.

I will post more experiences soon 🙂



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