Top sites to visit in Tokyo

Top places should not be missed when you are in Tokyo:

1. Imperial Palace East Gardens

The imperial palace is closed for visitos but the East Gardens, bridges and historical towers are open to view. Admission is free but the places is closed on Mondays and Fridays. Best time to visit is obviously during the cherry blossum season


2. Ginza

The historical suburb of Ginza is today’s Tokyo majn business and city centers. It exhibits a magnificant ciy design to its best, thousands of spectacular modern buildings that at night turn into a spectacukar show of lights, the Kabuki theatre, restaurants, and a paradise for shopping that every woman would want to experience.

3. Tokyo National Museum

The Tokyo national museum contains large exhibitions of Japanease culture, history, archeology and art, and is a must see for people that wish to see how unique and special is the Japanease heritage. Admission is 620Yen ($8NZ) only, isn’t it a welcoming message?

items exnibits at Tokyo National Museum. Some items are dated back to 40,000BC

4. Kabuki theatre

A spectacular theatre show of Japanease cultue, wrapped with pastelic colours and live music. It is placed just a walk distance from Ginza main street, you can enter a short session which is still 2 hours and rent a device for English translation.

What to spare

Tokyo Science Museum: There are two science museums in Tokyo, one beside the imperial palace east gardens and the National Science museum in Ueno. Both are  very disappointing and would fit only if you travel with young (below 12) kids. The Imperial park science museum shop has got good scientific kits and interesting puzzles for sale.

Uneo park: come to here only in the cherry blossum season. If you vivist the Tokyo National Museum than anyway it is a short walk distance so worths the walk, but unlike what Lonely Planet say, it is not so amazing.

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