Sherementev Palace Music Museum (must see)

The Sheremntev Palace is placed on the bank of the Fontana river street, just off Nevsky Prospect. It is very hard to miss this beautiful palace, which owned by Field-Marshal Boris Sheremetev – the first count of Russia. The family moved out from Russia during the 1917 revolution, I heard from museum staff that the descendents of the family still come to visit the place today. Today the palace is hosting two museums which are in the must see category, because of two main reasons – first, it has an amazing collection of special & rare music tools which are hard to find in other places, and second – the mass tourism industry haven’t discovered it yet,even that it is located in the main center of Saint Peteresburg.

Address : 34, Naberezhnaya Reki Fontanki, just off the Nevsky bridge on the Fonkana river (turn left if you come from the Palace square)

Price: 37oRB for both floors.

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