Sherementev Palace Music Museum (must see)

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The Sheremntev Palace is placed on the bank of the Fontana river street, just off Nevsky Prospect. It is very hard to miss this beautiful palace, which owned by Field-Marshal Boris Sheremetev – the first count of Russia. The family moved out from Russia during the 1917 revolution, I heard from museum staff that the descendents of the family still come to visit the place today. Today the palace is hosting two museums which are in the¬†must see¬†category, because of two main reasons – first, it has an amazing collection of special & rare music tools which are hard to find in other places, and second – the mass tourism industry haven’t discovered it yet,even that it is located in the main center of Saint Peteresburg.

Address : 34, Naberezhnaya Reki Fontanki, just off the Nevsky bridge on the Fonkana river (turn left if you come from the Palace square)

Price: 37oRB for both floors.

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