Startups documents – templates pack

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This is a live blog articles in which I will share all sorts of startup documents templates. You need to let me know if anything else is interesting you. Note – they fit with New Zealand and are not audited by a lawyer! so you may want to check with a local lawyer how to fit those ideas to your territory / business.

Contractor agreement – contractors can be developers, designers, or anyone else doing contracting work for you. Should not be used for employees.  For employment agreement builder – go here.

Download Contractor Agreement:  [DOCX]  [PDF] [OSX PAGES]

Contractor agreement for ongoing work – this document is compiled for ongoing work i.e. it will cover multiple projects quoted for the same client

Download ongoing contractor agreement [DOCX] [PDF] [OSX PAGES]

NDA – this is a standard deed of confidentiality document, note that deed are not agreements and require to be signed by a witness. The company does not have to sign it.

Download NDA Deed Agreement :  [DOCX]  [PDF] [OSX PAGES]


Use those documents at your own risk! No warranties given for anything, make sure you check it properly with your lawyer. Those documents are compiled for New Zealand but can be adjusted for other territories

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